About Me

Imagining the Impossible, Then Making It Possible...

Author and Illustrator, Erica Ramsey-Bowen

...is my Official “Day Job”.

My Tribe


I create a very small percentage of much of what is manufactured at the Bayou Fairy Factory.  My amazing team of pixies, fairy Godmothers and Godfathers, and real honest-to-goodness unicorns make the majority of the miracles happen.

This is a placeholder so I can spotlight them here very soon!!

Join My Journey

You Can Join Our Crackerjack Team Fairy!
Seriously! We Believe You Have “The Right Stuff”!

Interested in how you can be an active member of Team Fairy?

We are looking for help from people who are great at the following:

Bloggers Who Write About and Review Children’s Books

Bookstore Owners

Podcast(ers) ? (Is that a Noun? We hope so.)

Radio, Print, and Television Program Producers

Book Fair and Convention Organizers

Parents and Kiddos Who Want to Beta Test Our Products